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Meeting NHS Management Challenges

About Bucks Consulting

About Bucks Consulting

The ‘Simple Hard’

Bucks Consulting provides leadership, management and service improvement consulting for the public sector. Our guiding principle is to focus on the ‘simple hard’ stuff.   Creating simple organisations. Simple work-flow and processes.  And simple and clearly understood outcomes. More…

ABC Expertise

ABC Expertise

Bucks Consulting Group offers an unusual ‘ABC Expertise’. It’s founded on a rich combination of (A) academic rigour, (B) business awareness and (C) clinical expertise.  This ‘ABC Expertise’ is, we believe, the key to helping clients and partners.  It helps unlock solutions which are simple, effective and sensitive for the needs of professionals and patients alike. More….

Healthcare Challenge

Healthcare Challenge

Throughout the UK and across the world, health and care professionals face a massive healthcare challenge.  For many it’s an ‘age of anxiety’.   It used to be so much simpler.  Then, like a ‘perfect storm’ came four challenges: political change, digital disruption, the audit culture and the managerial wave.  Just one would ‘rock the boat’. More….

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Bucks Consulting Group – Meeting NHS Management Challenges

Welcome.  We are the consulting arm of Buckinghamshire New University’s Faculty of Society and Health.

We work with NHS Trust senior teams to help them meet NHS management challenges.  And to improve performance and outcomes.

We help to identify issues, to plan effective responses and to deliver consulting, training executive education and research insight.

We combine academic rigour, business awareness and clinical expertise. This ranges from developing the next generation of healthcare leadership though service improvement to front-line resourcing.

We believe it’s about doing the ‘simple hard’ stuff and about doing it well.  About avoiding the ‘complex easy’ options!

Our POISE portfolio of services for healthcare addresses five key areas of activity across the sector.  They are:  (1) personal leadership; (2) organisational leadership; (3) insight research; (4) service improvement including service design and development; and (5) engagement and communication.   Together, we’re confident, they offer a pathway to what we call a new equilibrium. More….

Why Bucks Consulting?  When you work with a University-based  like ours at Bucks New University you can be confident.  Any profit makes a critical contribution to our research work and to our practice development.   As our client you become part of a truly ‘virtuous circle’.

No magic bullets here.  Our role is to contribute academic and business knowledge, to prompt reflection and to stimulate change.

Dr. Bill Nichols Dr. Bill Nichols