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Meeting NHS Management Challenges

Business Awareness

Clare-Business-School-LogoGood business awareness is critical for leaders and managers across the contemporary health and social care landscape.  Like it or not, the world of business and commerce is everywhere. Especially its jargon.  Terms such as outsourcing, internal markets, mergers, balancing budgets and many more jostle daily for attention along hospital corridors.

Today any valid answer to a serious organisational question must also tick the ‘business box’.  It’s necessary but not sufficient to know the technical answer.  Leaders and manager must be able to construct, articulate and present a compelling business case.

So delivering business awareness and business experience is central to our core team.  To meet this need further, we also draw on the practical industry-based expertise of colleagues in the School of Applied Management and Law.  Many of these colleagues participate actively across the region:  with companies and organisations,  through commercial partnerships, and via knowledge transfer schemes and the like.