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Meeting NHS Management Challenges

Centre for Health Communications Research (CHCR)

PrintThe Centre for Health Communications Research (CHCR) focuses on organisations across the health sector.  It helps them address communication dilemmas, challenges and issues.

Its vision is to encourage the use of effective and professional communications.  It seeks to improve both patient outcomes and to strengthen the patient experience.

CHCR works at the boundary between academe and the public sector.  It aims to deliver rigorous, evidence-based solutions in a timely fashion.  Its scope includes higher and executive education, consulting and formal research.   This includes its pioneering UK first postgraduate certificate in health communications (PgCert-HC).  CHCR is led by director Prof John Underwood and by deputy director, Dr Bill Nichols.

Current CHCR clients include NHS Improvement, NHS England and the Buckinghamshire and Southern NHS Trusts.