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Engagement (E)

Bucks 4 Engagement is the fifth and final part of our POISE leadership suite of services

Healthcare today places heavy demands on leaders, managers and improvement teams.  They must continuously engage and communicate effectively with many different stakeholders. Engagement embraces patients, staff and communities.  As well as specific external audiences such as government and media.

Engagement is about putting ideas into practice.  Ideas which compel.  Which win support. And which gain momentum.

Often ‘Engagement’ focuses on specific issues such as:

  • Construction and presentation of effective business cases.
  • Designing and developing strategic narratives.
  • Understanding the process of influence both internally and externally – ultimately through lobbying
  • Learning how to map, weight and organise those who really matter to a project’s success.  That’s ‘stakeholder mapping’ in the jargon.

Frequently this process includes a practical tool-kit such as:

  • Presentation skills
  • Business writing and
  • The art and science of the simple PowerPoint!