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Insight Research (I)

Insight Research is the third element of our POISE suite.  The ‘I’.

Why?  Because every journey needs a map or travel plan.

This is especially true for leaders both at personal (P) and organisational (O) levels.  Leaders achieve most when they base their developments firmly on high-quality insight research.   Whether business-related, clinical, nursing or nursing profession.


  • How, say, will staff react to a merger?
  • What motivates administrative teams? Really?
  • What is the potential of a redesigned specialist service? For patient outcomes?  For efficiency?
  • What does your community want from its main hospital?

Of course, everyone always has a personal view.  But to secure success, all such projects demand research, data, information… Something that will enable clear and explicit comparisons and projections.  Before and after.  Option X vs. Option Y.

Such projects depend on the rich insight which flows from effective interrogation and interpretation.  Most important, they require actionable recommendations supported by evidence.

As the arm of a leading university in the society and health field, we are ideally-placed to design, manage and deliver such programmes of insight-research.