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Institute of Integrated Care

IIC LogoIntegrated care is central to our work at Bucks New University.  Launched in April 2014, the University’s Institute of Integrated Care (IIC) is committed to a simple and compelling vision.  That, in the near-future, health and social care will fuse.  It will become simply ‘care’:  care that both meets patient needs sustainably and promotes wellbeing.


A partnership with Buckinghamshire NHS Trust and Aylesbury Value NHS Clinical Commissioning Group(CCG), the IIC’s mission is to promote, develop and disseminate best practice across systems of care that:

  • Integrate health and social needs seamlessly, and
  • Are patient-centred, effective, sustainable and safe.

The Institute sits at the heart of the University’s Faculty of Society and Health . It contributes critical thinking to the Bucks Consulting Group.

The Institute’s objectives are four-fold.  To:

  • Identify and break down barriers that inhibit development of integrated care systems.
  • Develop a robust understanding of best practice in integrated care through rigorous practice-based research.
  • Promote best practice throughout the health and social care communities.
  • Influence policy makers, providers, commissioners and service users.

sq-Dr-Alison-ChambersAt launch, pro vice-chancellor, Dr Alison Chambers welcomed the Institute and its vision of integrated care as “fundamental to the University’s commitment to work closely and effectively in partnership with healthcare providers across the region to develop new and innovative solutions”.