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Meeting NHS Management Challenges

Organisational Leadership (O)

The second element of our POISE suite, organisational leadership means?   Well often, papers, meetings, consultations… And, yes, they all play a part. But they characterise a world of procedures.  The so-called ‘transactional’.

But today the ultimate test of any organisation’s leadership (O) is that it makes things happen.   In healthcare, ‘things’ mean ‘measurable things’.  Means real practical benefits: patient outcomes, clinical advances and operational efficiencies.

That’s transformational leadership.  Which is founded on “individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and idealized influence”.

 Leadership Chess

Effective organisational leadership embraces and motivates.  It makes the most of everyone’s personal talent. It means that you:

  • – Create compelling and credible visions. Which everyone adopts. And which are tangible along the corridors and around the coffee-machines.
  • – Design strategies which, yes, are intellectually robust. But which also translate into simple practical goals at each and every level.
  • – Focus, above all, on actions. On the ‘few things well’ as opposed to the ‘many unfinished’. (That’s the tricky ‘execution’ piece which upends some 80% of strategies).
  • – And on building and nurturing the teams which deliver those actions.

So, through consulting and training, we aim to help you create ‘truly living strategies’ and effective organisational leadership.