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Personal Leadership (P)

Personal leadership (The P’) is rightly first in our POISE suite.  It is the foundation.  It starts with individuals.  And not with abstract concepts or strategies.

At every level, organisations and teams are only as good as the sum of their parts.  The people.  So whether those individuals are running a hospital, a specialist unit or perhaps dealing with the daily turbulence of A&E, they – and their potential – come first.

It’s about helping them grow in confidence, stature and capability.  To learn personal mastery.  And how best to maximise their potential.

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Our foundation lies in supporting you as you nurture and develop that critical talent.   We offer courses, workshops and personal mentoring which together help individuals:

  • Develop their own personal emotional resilience.
  • Encourage and motivate others around them.
  • Empower colleagues practically and effectively.
  • Create belonging and foster teamwork.

Bucks 1 It adds up, at Bucks Consulting Group, to our vision of personal leadership.