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Scotland’s ‘No’: Now Back to Budget Business

By on Sep 22, 2014 in EquiPOISE - Blog | 0 comments

22 September 2014

Whatever your view of Scotland’s ‘No’, you’d probably agree that  politicians of all stripes manipulated the NHS shamefully.  Like a magic totem, at times during the closing phases of the referendum campaign it seemed the only topic.   If, though and regrettably, few concrete facts or issues were in play.

But now it’s back to business.  Money business.

North of the border, NHS Scotland and the Edinburgh Government together face some very serious decisions.  If leaks are credible, they confront a looming gap of £450 million.   Meantime, heading south, the growing English ‘black hole’ is estimated to be multi-billions deep.   But no one wants to go there this side of the 2015 General Election.

So, based on the recent referendum, it is fair to predict a whirligig of buck-passing and mutual recrimination.

Instead here’s a couple of novel thoughts for our political class:

  • First, when you’re in deep holes already, stop digging.
  • Second, put the facts and options in play clearly, constructively and objectively.   Treat people like adults.  Let them decide.   Surely what’s good enough for the Union as a whole is good enough for the NHS?

Flying pigs anyone?


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