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Meeting NHS Management Challenges

Service Improvement (S)

Service improvement is fundamental to managing change in healthcare.  Whether capturing a clinical advance, implementing operational efficiency or improving patient care and patient satisfaction.

Wherever you are, most healthcare facilities support multiple services.  It’s equally true as a you progress through a hospital from A&E to toxicology and urology.  Or start to map and analyse a modern multi-partner GP practice.

These services are often individually complex. But equally often intertwined in ageing buildings.  Their design and delivery is critical to the drive for service improvement and efficiency.

Service thinking is central to modern advanced economies.  It offers a wide range of tools and techniques to help in healthcare.  From service gap analysis through service blueprinting to the configuration and management of the ‘service theatre’.

Bucks Consulting brings to bear the latest thinking from healthcare and across the commercial world to help solve these very special tasks.  To secure service improvement.