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Meeting NHS Management Challenges


hubTough times in health and social care.  The challenges morph and multiply.  Firefighting, it seems, is endemic and unavoidable.  True, sometimes stimulating.  Sometimes creative.

Yet as temporary fixes proliferate, the only outcomes are increased complexity and challenges that are still more intractable.

To meet this need and keep it simple requires ‘POISE’.

Clinicians, nursing staff, management and administrators all require space and reflection.  Teams which are POISEd have balance or equilibrium. They have self-possession, self-confidence and composure.

Our POISE portfolio is designed precisely to deliver those outcomes. It addresses five key capabilities:  personal leadership; organisational leadership; insight research; service design and development; and engagement and communication.   The last is offered in collaboration with our sister Bucks organisation, CHCR. Together, we believe, they offer a pathway to a new equilibrium.