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Meeting NHS Management Challenges

GRACE – Leadership Ability

Val Iles

Val Iles

Ultimately it’s leadership ability that matters.

At Bucks Consulting,  we can only go so far.  We offer expert research, knowledge and insight.  We advise, coach and train. We listen, help and support.

But ultimately, we appreciate, our clients must do the ‘simple hard’ stuff.  They must put change into practice. They must make things happen.

They do this by taking control.  By practising what is already instinctive in the endless whirligig of medical practice.

We call this leadership ability: ‘GRACE’ (Val Iles).  It’s a formula for effective leaders to follow.

  • Grasp the situation – appreciate, summarise, accept the challenge.
  • Respond – effectively, emotionally, completely.
  • Accept personal Agency, one’s own responsibility to act and intervene.
  • Care positively about what matters to all others involved.
  • Engage willingly and mutually with others’ ideas and concerns.

Among the ‘Three Graces’ of Greek mythology, Thalia (Θαλια Θαλεια) is said to be: “warm, caring, nurturing, a peacemaker… (and) determined, realistic, and reliable”.   Exactly so.